is „CAD“ software, or a computer-aided design program, that allows you to recreate a virtual model of your home in any way that you wish it to become. Plan your next remodel by using it to communicate better with contractors. See for yourself which kinds of new furniture or home accessories make the most sense in your house before you buy them. Since every aspect of your design is customizable, MyFourWalls gives you unparalleled design freedom to see complete 3D views of your designs from every angle! Plus, you get an interactive 2D floor plan that contains all the necessary measurements you need.

Check out all the great things you can do with it

1. Build a new home from the ground up in any size. You can also recreate a near-exact replica of any building you have measurements of to transform it with your virtual remodel.

2. If you have an existing blueprint image of your space, you can import it into the program so that you don’t have to spend time creating the basic structure of your home. The „Edit“ menu in the top menu bar lets you import blueprints saved anywhere on your computer and scale them.

3. You can export your design files in ultra-compatible PDF format to share with your contractors as you work out the details of your next remodel. This format is also easy to share with friends online and upload to any cloud server for easy viewing on any mobile device.

4. Customize every part of your design and view it from every angle in 3D. You’ll see it on your screen in the same way it will appear in your place.

Look at your design in ways you never could before.

Navigating the 3D view is extremely easy. At any time in your virtual tour, go to the „View“ menu in the top menu bar and select „Reset camera position.“ Then in the 2D-view mode, you’ll see the camera icon appear by default in the bottom-center area of your screen. Just click and drag it into the right place on your 2D floor plan to get the angle you want to see for the best overview of your design.

When you’re looking at your design in 3D mode, you can move in any direction as if walking through the space. One round icon with a bird image on it controls your position within the design, and the other round icon with the eye icon on it controls where you’re looking. This way, you have complete freedom to preview your future design plans from every angle to get the full experience of „being in it.“

For another exciting viewing mode, select the split-screen 2D and 3D option in the top-left corner of your screen. You’ll see the floor plan on top so that you always have a perspective of where you are. Then click and drag the camera icon in the 2D-side of the screen to point and rotate it to just the angle you want to see. Simultaneously, the perfect view or angle you want to see shows up in the bottom half of the screen in the 3D model. You can see how it looks at different times of day too by switching between day and night mode.

Building rooms is fast and easy.

23 different types of woods

57 wallpaper designs

47 tile choices

102 textiles or 14 plastic options for your furniture

27 stone selections

28 different types of plaster

32 miscellaneous materials, including furs for carpeting or furniture and terra cotta tiles used in Mediterranean style roofing

6 metal choices

12 marble designs

12 types of leather

12 glass selections, including tinted glass

51 carpet choices

15 styles of bricks

The variety of materials you can choose from is vast,
and you can change the colors of all of them

Create your first room by selecting the 2D option from the top-left corner menu. Start with the wall tool from the top-center menu to draw out the dimensions of your room. By clicking and dragging the lines of your walls, you can resize them as needed so that they match the dimensions of your room down to the exact inch. Double-click to end your wall, or you can single-click where it ends in one direction and continue drawing the connecting wall that branches off in another direction.

If you make a mistake at any time, you can click on any item you messed up and hit the „delete“ key to remove it. The other beauty of this program is that you can click and drag on each element of your floor-plan design to reposition it or resize at any time too.

The master „building settings“ icon in the top-right corner of the screen is an important shortcut option. In one click, view and change your material selections for the floor, ceiling, interior and exterior wall materials, wall thickness or view the total square footage all in one place. It makes this important information easily accessible to you at all times.

You have the freedom to position the walls at any angle you need while you click and drag them to adjust their size. The program automatically recognizes separate rooms between connected walls. You can add virtual walls to define each different area in a larger room, which lets you give different colors to the walls and floors in each section.

After setting up the walls of your room, click on the empty space in the whole room you’ve created. You’ll see options in the righthand sidebar menu appear for choosing your floor material, wall material and ceiling material. Each drop-down menu lets you move between selections of textiles, wallpapers, leather, tiles, stones, marbles, plasters, metals, carpets, glass and bricks.

Import your own surfaces on any material from your personal images.

You can add your own new surface image into your virtual design wherever you want. Take a photo of the textile material or other surface material you want to use. Then when you select a material and choose to edit it, click on the „import“ button under the surface-image heading to use your photo in your design. This way, you’ll know what your room looks like with your favorite wallpaper or couch fabric.

Add core room elements in a few clicks.

To add a door, just click on the „Door“ icon at the top of the screen, click where you want it in the floor plan and enter the dimensions in the specifications at the right sidebar. The door shape can be a simple rectangle, half-rounded or a sliding style. Select either the single or double door option. Choose the opening direction of your door and its thickness. Then select the handle styles your prefer, which you can customize separately for each of the outside and inside handles. Choose the material of the handles from the drop-down menus too.

To insert windows, select the „window“ icon from the top-center menu. Click where you want your window in the 2D floor plan; then click and drag it to resize it or move it.
Pick a square, rectangular or round window shape. Then enter the number of partitions in your window. Use the sliding scale next to partitions selection to add additional window panes. You’ll see a preview of your window choice in the top-right corner of your screen. The opening direction of your windows, their opening angle, thickness of frames and handle selections are all customizable like they are with your door options. Plus, you can select any of seven options for your curtains or blinds. The style of your curtains and curtain rod is fully adjustable too.

When you add a staircase, you’ll need to add your additional level. Selecting „duplicate level“ in one click copies the structure you’ve set up on the ground floor instantly.

Add a staircase by clicking on the „Stair“ icon at the top-center of the screen. Then just drag and drop it into place, and you can also click again to insert multiple staircases.

Pick one of four staircase shapes:

  • simple, traditional, one-direction stairs
  • L-shaped
  • half-spiral
  • or the full-spiral staircase if you want to save space

Intuitive clicking and dragging lets you resize and reposition your staircase so that you can see which dimensions will best fit your space. Then you can select handy pivot icons to help you rotate it within your floor plan so that it faces the way you want it. Click on the „+“ icon in the right-sidebar menu to extend the staircase automatically up to additional levels if needed. Select an automatic number of steps to match your dimensions. The manual step option allows resizing of the staircase to the number of steps you want or the step height your prefer. Choose your banister-side preferences and add the dimensions of the railing you want. Pick the materials you want to make the stairs out of.

You’re free to have fun with your furnishings.

MyFourWalls has 20 different furniture categories and 500 adjustable furniture items alone.

Any furnishing you add to your design can go anywhere you want. From the furniture menu that remains fixed on the left sidebar, you can select any of the following to place anywhere in any of your rooms:

Bedroom section
  • Beds: single size, double, loft-style, bunk beds or cribs
  • nightstands
  • pillows
Bathroom section
  • basins
  • bath tubs
  • showers
  • toilets
  • bidets
  • toilet-psper holders
  • cabinets, cupboards and racks
  • mirrors
  • trash cans
  • laundry baskets
  • radiators
Couches and benches section
  • Choose from many corner-couch styles, chaise lounges or armchairs.
Bookcase section
  • open or closed bookcases
  • simple, single shelves
  • general storage racks in any size or material
  • When adding multiple, single shelves, you can „stack“ them on the same wall by entering the distance to the floor of each shelf, positioning them at different heights of your choice.
Carpets section
  • round carpets
  • patterened or checked carpets
  • lined carpet runners
  • single-colored or floral carpets
  • Oriental carpets
  • Import your own image into the carpet design.
Chairs and armchairs section
  • Standard or designer-style chairs in wood, metal or plastic
  • Armchairs with cushions
  • Office chairs
  • Stools and foot cushions
Decoration section

Here you’ll find all the little accessories that make your space more cozy.

  • wine racks
  • coat racks
  • wall clocks
  • vases
  • books
  • pillows
Electronics section
  • televisions
  • computers, PC towers and keyboards
  • stereos
  • washers, dryers, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators and freezers
Kitchen section
  • a variety of dishes
  • extractor hoods for ventilation above your stove area
  • bottles of champagne, knife blocks and bread bins so that you can make sure your counters are big enough to accommodate them
  • all kitchen appliances
  • many types of cabinets with drawers, as well as basin and cabinet combinations
Curtains and window-blinds section
  • single and double curtains in many different styles
  • shutters
Nursery section
  • beds and cribs
  • toys
  • chairs
  • changing tables
Office section
  • desks
  • chairs
  • storage units, drawers and file cabinets
  • computers
  • wall sockets
  • extras like smoke detectors, desk plants, trash cans, desktop lamps, thermostats, radiators, ceiling fans, air-conditioner units and computers
Pictures and posters section

Here are more than 60 images to choose from for ideas on decorating your walls, including

  • classic paintings of famous artworks
  • posters of famous cities, nature and artistic food images
Plants section

Type in the dimensions of them to see what they will look like in your room as they grow over time if you’re buying a larger plant.

  • ferns
  • cactuses
  • miniature palm trees
Wardrobes and wall-units section
  • drawers
  • cupboards
  • bookcases
  • wardrobes
  • wall units to house entertainment systems
Tables, desks and sideboards section
  • kitchen tables
  • dining tables
  • side tables
  • corner tables
  • coffee tables
  • corner desks
  • smaller study desks
Building-services section
  • radiators and freestanding heaters
  • thermostats
  • ceiling fans
  • air conditioners
  • light switches, sockets and smoke detectors
  • intercoms
  • boilers and heating systems
Miscellaneous section
  • fireplaces
  • columns
  • geometric shapes to represent something unique you own that will take up some space

Customize every bit of furniture.

Once you insert a new piece of furniture somewhere, like in your living room, then you can customize it and adjust the size of it until you like the way that it looks in your room. You can change the size, color and type of furniture easily in the sidebar menus. If you don’t like a material on the surface of the couch, for example, just open up the menu to change the material to create a whole new couch. You have no limits to the colors you can choose for your furniture either. When you select the „Edit“ option from any material choice you selected, you can select the right color from a color wheel in any shade possible.

The MyFourWalls app is only $26.99 in the App Store, and you can try the demo for free to see its capabilities. MyFourWalls runs on a Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later.

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